Our History

The church of Christ was established in 33AD (Acts 2)


Those Who Spread the Word

When a few families like the Spearses, Linebargers, Plasters, Comptons, and Joneses got together in 1941 at Southside, they founded a church that today carries on its mission to be caring and evangelistic to the community.

The Southside church of Christ takes the evangelistic charge very seriously. We serve God through serving other people and try to involve all our people in service to others.

We support evangelism inside and outside our local community, supporting several missionaries outside the country.

The church family feels very strongly about sharing and teaching the message of Christ to the local area. We currently livestream all of our services on Facebook and YouTube. These remain available on these pages.

We teach all we can and try to do a lot of benevolent work for local people who have a need.

The church supports two children’s homes in Arkansas: the Southern Christian Home in Morrilton and the Paragould Children’s Home and foster home program called Sparrows Promise in Searcy.

The Southside church is a very close group like a church family ought to be. We know each other very well and provide support for each other. We are all teachers, workers, and helpers.

Two special events mark the church’s yearly calendar. Vacation Bible School in the second week of June is a series of classes and lectures for the young and old. Held Monday – Thursday at 7 pm, adults are encouraged to attend along with the children and enjoy lectures for themselves while the children go to their own classes, after they enjoy singing favorite VBS songs.

The second event has become very special for many former church members. Each year, the first weekend of October is designated as Homecoming, when the church invites everyone in the area and past members to the services. Many former church members try to attend each year and some travel long distances to come. Attendance is usually around 250. Our annual Homecoming event began in 1985.

Many notice the changes in the little church from its founding as a 1-room church building. Over the years, eight classrooms, an office, a fellowship room, additional parking space, and more have been added. A few of the founding families still have a member who attends the church.

The congregation has seen a turnover in membership over time and changes are expected in the life of a church, but our goal remains the same: ‘A church that pleases God and spreads the Word’

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